Our mission is to ensure the generation of accurate and precise findings.

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We deploy significant research infrastructure and experience to support internal drug discovery programs. This infrastructure is arranged into a series of research platforms that are also available to external partners to help progress their projects. In 2022, we have started our internal discovery research in key Therapeutics areas. With close proximity to research university, we have great expansion planning in Cardiovascular & Neuro.Currently, we are in the very early stage of discovery of novel drug candidates.

We have particular skills in:

Neuroscience and Mental Health

The neuroscience and mental health TPA encompasses multidisciplinary approaches to unmet medical needs in psychiatry, neurodegeneration, pain, and other mental health disorders. Tackling the challenges of therapeutics at the intersection of oncology and neuroscience.

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health

The cardiovascular and metabolic health TPA works to develop cardiovascular and metabolic disease therapeutics. Its expertise runs from basic research through to animal disease models and on to translational human disease. Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health encompasses medicinal chemistry, structural biology, analytical pharmacology, drug disposition, drug delivery, translational models of disease and medicines use and safety. Our commitment to research translation is evidenced by contributing to more than 30 novel drug candidates into clinical development.