Our mission is to ensure the generation of accurate and precise findings.

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Our / Partners Chemistry Solutions.

Computational chemistry has been a key area of interest as it brings strong knowledge in informatics and AI to accelerate virtual screening and identification of hits on our target therapeutics areas. We have developed fee for service models and collaborative platforms to fast track our discovery journey. Leveraging various customized data analytical tools and techniques, we provide better understanding of structural activity relationship (SAR), which leads to faster candidate selection.

Medicinal Chemistry :

Our multidisciplinary team of chemists and biologists work closely with customers to design, synthesize and optimise compounds for targets and assays, leading to rapid identification of potential drug candidates.

Peptide Platform

With a peptide portfolio that encompasses linear, branched, cyclic peptides, peptide conjugates and modified peptides, we enable synthesis of focused peptides libraries to support discovery programs. Our expertise in solid and solution phase synthesis allows us to generate peptide mimics and complex peptides to desired scales.