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Biotransformation in Drug Discovery

Biotransformation has a huge impact on the efficacy and safety of drugs. Ultimately the effects of metabolism can be the lynchpin in the discovery and development cycle of a new drug. Application of biotransformation of drugs by mammalian systems, microorganisms, and recombinant enzymes, covering active and reactive metabolites, the impact of the gut microbiome on metabolism, and how insights gained from biotransformation studies can influence drug design. Our core focus is to study initial interaction with enzymes. Inhibition or induction might affect the absorption of medicines that are substrates to these enzymes. Drugs, herbal supplements, dietary ingredients, and some pharmaceutical excipients have been demonstrated to influence the activity of these enzymes

Key focus areas:

BioConjugation Development & Discovery

Exploration of various areas of the R&D process and select effective ways to develop a bioconjugate clinical candidate. We supply validated as well as custom and novel linker-payloads. We can support chemical scale-up and development of linker-payload.

MAb Intermediates:

Payload Linkers: